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MTS-ISAC Services

Information Sharing

The MTS-ISAC provides proactive cyber threat intelligence, alerts, warnings, and vulnerability information cultivated from maritime stakeholders and public and private sector shares, open source intelligence and cybersecurity news. Our stakeholders share actionable threat information on a daily basis, allowing the trusted community of stakeholders to take proactive measures to defend the MTS from attack and support continued operations.

The information shared can be used to address risk concerns, including those outlined in the USCG’s recently released Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular No. 01-20, Guidelines for Addressing Cyber Risks at Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) Regulated Facilities.

Exercise Support

Would your organization benefit from facilitated exercise support to bring everyone together? One of the most proven ways to test information sharing and collaboration capabilities is through tabletop and functional exercises. Are the stakeholders in sync? Would the broader ecosystem of stakeholders respond effectively to an incident?

The MTS-ISAC offers stakeholders support through the entire lifecycle of their exercise, from tailored maritime exercise design and planning, through holding the exercise, and providing after action reports to help the community improve their cyber resiliency. Not only do maritime stakeholders meet their exercise requirements, but the whole MTS community benefits from MTS-ISAC lessons learned.


To help organizations meet IMO 2021 requirements related to building a culture of cybersecurity, the MTS-ISAC offers maritime-themed tailored training materials and resources to raise awareness for operational personnel in the maritime sector. Available resources include:

  • Self-paced training

  • Security themed posters

  • Message pens with cybersecurity tips

Building Connections

The MTS-ISAC is a member of the Department of Homeland Security's Cyber Information Sharing and Collaboration Program (CISCP) and the National Council of ISACs. MTS-ISAC stakeholders benefit from a broader critical infrastructure community, including bidirectional sharing with:


  • Aviation ISAC

  • Retail and Hospitality ISAC


  • Space ISAC

In addition, one of the most common questions we receive from stakeholders is, "Do you know someone that can help us with...?" We help make these connections too. 

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