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Critical Infrastructure Partners Information Exchange (CIP-IX)

The MTS-ISAC believes that a collaborative community of diverse stakeholders is an important aspect of improving cyber resiliency. As the MTS consists of complex relationships between the public and private sectors, critical infrastructure owners and operators ultimately rely upon a variety of support from suppliers, integrators, and professional services who support their IT, OT and IIoT environments. Broader community participation will produce a more secure and resilient MTS community and supply chain.

Join the Critical Infrastructure Partners

Information Exchange to Make a Difference


The MTS-ISAC has launched the Critical Infrastructure Partners Information Exchange (CIP-IX) to provide vendors, suppliers, professional services providers, and others a unique opportunity to collaborate with our MTS community in the following ways:

  • Share information related to emerging threats and patterns targeting MTS IT, OT and IIoT

  • Reinforce the adoption of cybersecurity and risk management best practices

  • Deliver support for incident response

  • Provide inputs related to cybersecurity standards and guidelines that impact the MTS

  • Participate in MTS-ISAC Working Groups and Webinars

  • Help with the development and awareness of cybersecurity tools and capabilities

  • Support the need for workforce training options

CIP-IX Thought Leaders

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