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Practitioners Training Added to the Maritime Cybersecurity Summit Agenda

Fifth Annual Event to Focus on Practices for Cyber Safe, Secure and Resilient Operations

The Maritime Transportation System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MTS-ISAC) announced that their 5th annual Maritime Cybersecurity Summit, is now scheduled for November 13-15 in Miami. At the request of stakeholders, a third training day was incorporated into the event to focus on cybersecurity practices needed for safe, secure, and resilient supply chain operations.

This year’s in-person only event will address current cybersecurity challenges and equip maritime critical infrastructure stakeholders with information on strategies, processes, and tools for protecting existing and emerging technologies. Similar to the previous summits, the 2023 Maritime Cybersecurity Summit will offer two distinct tracks for attendees, one for non-technical business leaders and a technical cybersecurity track, along with many opportunities for networking with peers.

The training will be provided by maritime cybersecurity professionals and address:

- Risk Evaluation and Management / Demonstration

- OT Cybersecurity Tools

- Monitoring and Alerting / SOC Demonstration

- Incident Communications and Reporting

- Forensics Workshop / Demonstration

- Response and Recovery

- Strategy Roadmap for Tying It Together

The summit’s agenda includes multiple case studies as learning opportunities for attendees. Spotlight sessions will address specific areas of the maritime sector, including container shipping, cruise lines, and energy.

Confirmed for this year’s technical track is a briefing from the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) cybersecurity team on how they are leveraging processes and technologies to secure their business and operational environment. Attend the Summit to find out how JAXPORT is using these existing building blocks to enhance maritime cybersecurity and secure control systems.

“Across the year, the MTS-ISAC has reported more cyber threat activity targeting our maritime industry than previous years. This Summit will equip industry business leaders and practitioners with approaches to help make the sector even more resilient,” said Scott Dickerson, MTS-ISAC Executive Director and the Maritime Cybersecurity Summit founder. “And since the MTS-ISAC advocates information sharing, attendees will have ample networking opportunities to collaborate on best practices and technologies and meet with vendors who are solving real-world cyber challenges.”

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