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Summit Sponsors

All sponsors receive prominent name and logo placement on the Summit website.

Sponsorship packages can be fully tailored to align with your organization's desired value proposition for this event.
Please help support cybersecurity advancement within the maritime community!

Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders share information about what they are doing to tackle maritime cybersecurity challenges. They share their ideas through blog posts on the Summit website (promoted through social media) and are an integral part of the Summit agenda by supporting the keynotes and speakers.


Collaborators help people connect and get things done and this Summit will be a perfect example of those efforts! Collaborators help support the Summit agenda and ensure the maritime cybersecurity community has a great opportunity to network during the evening events.


Contributors play a key role in a specific aspect of the Summit. Whether it is helping support one of the lunches, breaks, or sponsoring a track, a specific part of the Summit agenda would be missing without their support!


Summit Supporters help make sure these focused cybersecurity discussions can take place! Among the various demands placed upon maritime organizations, prioritizing cybersecurity helps to keep the maritime ecosystem safe and secure.

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